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[Uni Blog04] - It doesn't like it

2009-10-05 07:17:38 by Deaththe14th

This particular entry includes two games which I don't necessarily like, mostly due to their long, long, loooooong nature - and in flash, with only so many ways of varying the same thing, having a long game is not always good.
(although replayability is fantastic)

So yes, it may come as a surprise to some Newgrounders, but the two games I chose were The Arrow of Time by the Super Flash Bros, and Medieval Rampage 2, by xdragonx10 - both have seen the front page, and have some very good aspects to them (in fact, I may have rated The Arrow of Time quite highly at the time, maybe a 9 or 10?)

The difference between these games and others I haven't liked is that there are obvious reasons to like and enjoy these games - they're done very well in their own ways. The Super Flash Bros are a pretty great group, and have a nice animator, writer and programmer, making a good group of people to make a game.

The Arrow of Time is an action-defence game where you are a static lone whistle-knight-prince named Peep, armed with a bow that seems to fire an endless supply of arrows that you can upgrade, along with various other upgrades that all have some sort of little fun or strategic mechanic to them. Not great at actually hitting something? Get lightning - it arcs to any near target - and in some cases a single arrow fired can do a lot more than several arrows could have otherwise.

There are far too many options and upgrades to go through here - but the game just wasn't for me after playing it for a little while - the levels are all the same deal, with you in the middle firing arrows off frantically - and after doing the same thing for that long with one to five simple mechanics going on, it gets a little stale.

Cheers though, guys, for making a well published little game there - few bugs, if any (I haven't found any), good animation, good general art, nice ideas, mechanics, decent and humorous story - just playing the game got a little old too fast for me.

The second game, Medieval Rampage 2 is top-down monster-masher game, where you are a little person on the map, and monsters spawn and try to attack you. Clicking will attack towards wherever your cursor is (which is replaced by a crosshair), and there are various other methods of attack, healing potions, spells, mana potions, different ammo types, different bows, different melee weapons, etc.etc.

There is little story to the game, but the name gives a good idea of what you have to do if you don't want to die - go kill those rampaging monsters.

Once again, the game is pretty good, but just not, I'm not sure, catchy enough? Catchy enough to grab my attention for the whole campaign.

Those are my two entries for this, erm, fortnight? Month? Fortnight-month? Blog-post
I believe I have to get another one up soon, so I will.

Cheers, all.


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